Pita, or a phyllo dough pastry, a traditional Bosnian dish, has got such a vital importance for the national diet in Bosnia and Herzegovina that its making and eating is institutionalized through the specialty joints called buregdzinica. Buregdzinicas are the shrines that keep the traditions of making the treat according to the recipes dating back in years and make them available to the hungry crowds. Traditional pitas in Bosnia are conveniently called by the main ingredient in the filling; hence sirnica comes stuffed with cottage cheese (mladi sir), zeljanica combines spinach and cheese, krompirusa features potatoes and tikvenica is stuffed with zucchini. Bosnian pitas are shaped as huge snails fitting into a round tray or as smaller ovals with a few coils. It is safe to say that this extremely delicious and healthy meal is one of favorite meals of every Bosnian (and anyone who feels like one).